Help the instant

​you need it.

When you feel the hole of mental illness opening up to suck you in, minutes matter. Waiting for an appointment for a few days or a couple weeks can lead to a major decompensation in your wellness. That's why bonmente provides specialized, expert mental healthcare services that ensure you are never alone in those crucial moments with its concierge psychiatry services.

personalized attention

Patients enrolled in bonmente's concierge program receive highly personalized care that results from the quantity of time and reliability of contact shared between the patient and the practitioner.

tailored treatments

With concierge service, insurance has no influence on your treatment plan or options. Whatever your unique needs, bonmente meets them - whenever, wherever.

better access to care

Concierge service subscribers enjoy direct contact to their provider and are able to schedule appointments more easily and more readily.

cost consolidation

Concierge programs provide access to a plethora of psychiatric services, which allows some patients, particularly those in need of frequent evaluation,
to consolidate costs.