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How often do you realize you need a refill when you're brushing your teeth in the morning? Or feel the walls closing in at night when you lay down to go to sleep? Brains don't always cue the "planning part" during normal business hours, but no worries. bonmente is different (and we like to think better) because you can always let us know what you need no matter when that need hits you.

Need a refill?

When you notice you’re running low on medications and in need of a refill, bonmente‘s support staff works hard to make sure most refill requests are honored within 72 business hours. Email a request to our refills specialist and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Need an appointment?

Life happens. Don’t let that mean your mental health goes to the back burner. bonmente offers flexible scheduling options so you can get an appointment at a date and time that works with your calendar. You can also adjust and cancel appointments through any of our appointment reminders. Contact us for any appointment needs. 

Need to make a payment?

bonmente‘s intake process establishes a payment process that you can adjust at any time. If you have questions about your account, want to make payments quickly and conveniently, or need to update payment methods contact us.

Sometimes the people around you won't understand your journey.

They don't need to. It's not for them.

- Joubert Botha

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