Riz Ahmad,


Dr. Riz Ahmad, commonly known as "Dr. Riz," is a board-certified psychiatrist holding licenses in California and Texas. He is the recipient of multiple awards for his excellence in psychiatric care and leadership. Prior to medicine he was a management consultant at IBM Global Business Services.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Dr. Riz grew up in a Pakistani-American family of more than 70 first-degree relatives where every weekend was a celebration and a chance to people-watch. After graduating from Penn State University’s business school and quickly moving up the ladder in IBM as a management consultant, he realized the best use of his interpersonal and problem solving skills would be to care for individuals in need.

Dr. Riz graduated from the Medical College of Georgia and completed residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, one of the nation's top psychiatry programs. There he was groomed in not only the science of psychiatry but also the fine art of its practice. While working as a locums doctor in a wide spectrum of mental health services, he found a niche in providing concierge service to working professionals needing support at the nexus of their personal and work lives.

Dr. Riz is known for bringing an unassuming familiarity in his everyday interactions and aiming to be a resource to anyone with whom he crosses paths.