You call. Your provider answers.

That's telepsychiatry.

Like an old-timey house call. But for modern times.

Imagine this. You've got a doctor's appointment on a Tuesday at 12:30pm. Normally you'd sneak out of work early for "lunch," drive for 30 minutes (if you're lucky), and then sit in a lobby for another 15 minutes waiting to see your doctor. Your appointment takes less time than the effort it took to get to it. You sneak back to work, catching looks from co-workers for the extra time you spent getting the care you really need in order to be your best. No thanks.

Now imagine this. Your appointment on Tuesday at 12:30 is a telepsych appointment with the same healthcare practitioner you see every month, someone you've come to trust and who really has your best interests in mind. At lunchtime, you go outside to sit on your favorite bench, pop in your headphones, and start a video chat with your doctor. You finish your appointment and spend the next 20 minutes of your lunch break actually enjoying your lunch. Yes, please.

Have an appointment?

Come on in.

Simply click on your provider to quickly access your appointment in a secure, encrypted environment.


The bonmente telepsychiatry interface, including the dashboard, waiting room, and any public webpages, is secured over TLS (HTTPS), meaning all interactions are secure from start to finish.


By default, all video and audio communication with bonmente has point-to-point NIST-approved AED 128-bit encryption, along with SHA 256.


bonmente's telepsychiatry platform does not store any patient health information or record any video or audio calls, ever. Plus we only use HIPAA/HITECH compliant servers with active OSSEC intrusion detection and rigorous monitoring.


With just a couple of clicks, from either your computer or your smart phone, you can be at your appointment with your bonmente provider, getting the care you need without any of the traditional hassle.