What's wrong?

We'll find out.

The right diagnosis. The right treatment.

Psychiatric evaluations are probably the most important part of psychiatric care. This initial exploration of symptoms, concerns, and lifestyle allows bonmente's qualified mental health providers to identify the correct diagnosis and then develop a treatment plan that gets you where you want to be.

Given that you're not a robot, this initial evaluation may not end up being your ultimate solution. However, it is crucial for giving you an optimal starting point for your mental health journey. Your treatment plan results from you working with your provider to explore solutions that will actually work for your life.


It's not as scary as it sounds.

We promise, psychiatric evaluations are nothing to be afraid of.

​Sure, it may spike your anxiety to think about sharing your issues with someone, but rest assured that the someone at bonmente you'll see for your evaluation is a pro. Part of bonmente's mission is to take the stigma out of mental health care, which is why we want every part of your experience, from evaluation to resolution, to be easy, convenient, and comfortable.

Here's what you can expect during your initial evaluation:

1. Review information submitted on your new patient questionnaire.

2. Answer questions about your symptoms, lifestyle, and history.

3. Discuss a treatment plan that addresses your goals.

4. Ask any questions you may have. All questions welcome!

5. Schedule a follow-up appointment to modify the plan as needed.

Meet the Team

Mottsin Thomas, MD

Uchenna Okoye, MD

Sham Singh, MD

Riz Ahmad, MD

Catalina Villa, MD

Jordan Blaine, PMHNP

Alicia Bulin, PMHNP

Your initial evaluation will be done by one of bonmente‘s advanced mental health care practitioners. All treatment plans are reviewed and supervised by nationally board-certified psychiatrists in California who have extensive training and contemporary experience. Our providers work collaboratively to ensure our patients receive appropriate medications, therapy referrals, and treatment modifications when indicated. bonmente‘s providers are uniquely trained in telepsychiatry, an online-appointment platform that is secure, encrypted, confidential, and convenient for our patients.

Jaspreet Takhar, PMHNP

Vides Apresto, PMHNP

Claudette Banda, PMHNP

Rachel Jumonville, MMS, PA-C

Mattison Pearlman, PA-C, CAQ Psych

Ana Jimenez, PA-C

Sarah Raike, PA-C

Lisa Chan, PA-C

Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.

~ Lisa Olivera