Ready when you are.

At bonmente, we know that seeking help for mental health issues can be hard. That’s why we focus on making it as easy as possible to book appointmentssee your provider, and get your medications with electronic prescribing.

Why e-prescribe? Because it's amazing.

Handwritten prescriptions can get lost, cause medication errors, and leave you wandering a pharmacy so long you actually start reading greeting cards for entertainment.

​With e-prescribing, your bonmente provider sends a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice during your appointment, so you don't have to keep a tiny paper in a safe place from one location to the next. The pharmacy receives the prescription instantly and can start filling it as soon as possible. Then, when you have time, you head to the pharmacy, pick up your prescription, and ... wow, did that errand really go as smoothly as that? Yes, it did. Thank you, e-prescribe!

I take medication every day for mental illness and depression.

​And don't feel bad about it.

- Lady Gaga

At bonmente, convenience is key.

Being able to get care quickly and easily helps bonmente's patients comply with their unique treatment plans. Learn more about a couple of things we're doing differently to help our patients manage mental health issues successfully.