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The Importance Of Self-Love In Therapy

Everyone is talking about self-love these days. It sounds great, but truly loving yourself and practicing self- compassion is something that takes time. And effort.

The truth is, when it comes to striving for mental wellness and managing life’s struggles without faltering (hello, resilience), our self-perception makes all the difference. So, let’s change how we think and tap into the power within by cultivating more self-love.


Self-confidence is often key in healing and therapy. Believing in yourself can be the difference between stumbling blindly through the process or taking control and empowering your journey. No matter what you’re struggling with, if you can boost your self-esteem and adopt a positive attitude, you’ll be
shocked by how much easier it is to find success. Believe it or not, studies have shown that those who emphasize their self-confidence usually make more progress during therapy than those who don’t.


Our self-esteem is shaped by our life experiences and those we interact with. It can grow, shrink, or shift as new or difficult realities emerge or through meaningful relationships with family and friends. But while our self-esteem may be capricious, our belief in ourselves – namely, our self-confidence – is something we can actively nurture to cultivate true empowerment and transformation.

Through practices like self-love and positive reinforcement, we can build the strength necessary to overcome whatever roadblocks stand in the way of our mental wellness. From mental hurdles to mood hurdles and feelings of shame or regret that affect our self-esteem, self-love helps us build the self-confidence necessary to heal and recover.


It’s easy to forget how deeply intertwined mental health and self-love are – but understanding that connection is crucial in helping create lasting change.

“Self-love isn’t just feeling good about yourself. It requires us to delve into uncharted territory and untangle the complexity of our emotions,” said Teri Arana, LCSW, at bonmente. “Self-love is ultimately knowing that you have worth, even when it might not seem obvious.”

Practicing self-love through acts of kindness and taking the necessary steps to care for your mental health, such as checking in with your emotions and going to therapy, are foundational to building stronger self-esteem and self-confidence and increasing overall happiness. Investing time into loving ourselves despite our flaws, regrets, mistakes, or fears is the first step towards reclaiming our power and gaining greater control over our lives.


Mental health and healing is an ongoing journey for many of us, and self-love and self-care are key to positive progress. Self-care isn’t just about luxury spa treatment or having a ‘me day’. Self-care is about teaching our minds to be more kind, understanding, and forgiving. By taking proper care of your mind, you will be able to create lasting habits that help manage symptoms.

Ready to learn how self-love can enhance your experience in therapy? Rediscover the joys available in reclaiming yourself and your well-being with something seriously practical – telepsychiatry.

At bonmente, we strive to make accessing self-love and therapy easier than ever. But it’s up to you to take the first step. After all, self-love is what you give to yourself when no one (or nothing) else will. It’s like being able to reach into your own pockets and surprise yourself with presents every once in a while!

So, why not reach for your phone and book an appointment with us? Show yourself some real love!