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Dodging Mental Traffic Jams During Life’s Transitions

Picture this… You’re cruising along the open road, the summer wind in your hair, and not a care in the world. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, your GPS (which in this scenario is your mind, by the way) starts yelling at you to hit the off-ramp to ‘Transitionsville‘ and now life is filled with stress, excitement, and uncertainty.

Navigating life’s surprises requires a bit of strategy, a splash of humor, some flexibility, a hint of curiosity, and a lot of self-compassion.

Let’s add to your resiliency toolkit and explore a few tips to help you dodge mental traffic jams during life’s transitions.


This one is the classic back-to-school junction! Whether you’re off to college, starting a new semester, or sending the kids back to the classroom, this junction is notorious for causing a mental pile-up. The thought of new friends, challenging schoolwork, new expectations, and all of the social chaos can send you swerving.

  • “Will I fit in?”
  • “Can I handle the coursework?”
  • “What if he’s sitting alone at lunch?”
Embracing new beginnings is like opening a fresh chapter in the book of life. It’s a chance to reimagine, reinvent, and rediscover ourselves. Whether it’s starting a new job, moving to a new city, or simply choosing to let go of the past, new beginnings are filled with growth and opportunity.
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You’ve been eagerly awaiting this transition, but when reality takes an unexpected turn, it can be like hitting a pothole in the middle of a highway. The classes you were excited about turn out to be a total snoozefest, or the social scene may not quite match your social media-worthy visions. If this happens, slow down and look at the bigger picture.

Remember, life’s GPS recalculates routes all the time as you continue to build resiliency! Embrace the detours, challenges, and setbacks along the way and view them opportunities to learn and grow. No one has a picture-perfect life, so it’s essential to be mindful and practice self-compassion if things don’t go as planned.


Transitions have a way of sneakily placing the weight of the world on your shoulders. Parents and kids should protect themselves from burnout at all costs by accepting that it’s not always possible to meet expectations… and the alternate reality isn’t necessarily a fail. 

“Don’t give into social pressures and unrealistic expectations. Instead, give yourself, and your children, permission to cruise in your own lane,” said Sham Singh, MD, a psychiatrist with bonmente. “Remember that your worth isn’t tied to your science grade or how many goals you scored at the last game. Focus on finding balance and enjoying the ride without the constant pressure to measure up.”


As we enter a new school year and begin to navigate these mental traffic jams, remember that every red light eventually turns green. Our technology-forward psychiatric platform is here to help you manage life’s transitions and steer through the turbulence.

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