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The perks of in-person appointments

Modern-day psychiatric care is all about convenience and connection. That’s why we built bonmente to be technology-forward and accessible! The proven benefits of telemedicine have been widely documented and it’s certainly here to stay. But what about those who picture themselves in a cozy therapist’s office… resting on a comfortable couch… having profound breakthroughs during an in-person therapy appointment?

We see you!

Long Beach Psychiatrists

Even in a world of premier virtual care, it’s important to know that in-person appointments are available if that’s what you prefer. In some cases, an in-person appointment can actually enhance your healing journey for many reasons. Let’s explore a few.


Being in the physical presence of another person deepens human connection, even if it’s just a reassuring handshake or a friendly smile. In-person appointments bring you face-to-face with your therapist allowing you to feel the warmth of their presence, which can be incredibly comforting. These types of appointments foster a more profound sense of human connection, helping patients feel heard, valued, and supported on their healing journey.


Body language can reveal a patient’s emotional state. Signs of anxiety (e.g., fidgeting, nail-biting), sadness (e.g., slumped shoulders, no eye contact), or agitation (e.g., restlessness, clenched fists) can all be indications of something more. In-person appointments lets you communicate with subconscious subtle cues, like a knowing nod or an empathetic glance, which can promote understanding.

On the other hand, defensive body language, such as crossed arms, closed-off postures, or avoiding eye contact, may signal resistance to talking about specific topics or a reluctance to open up.


Ever had that lightbulb moment when everything suddenly clicks into place? In-person sessions create an environment where breakthroughs feel more tangible. It’s as if the universe aligns with your therapist to make those ‘aha’ moments all the more profound. In-person appointments also offer a physical sanctuary, a dedicated space where you can be entirely yourself without the distractions of the digital world. Think of our beautiful Long Beach office as a safe space for healing.

“Sometimes, digital screens can be a portal to endless distractions,” said Ana Jimenez, a provider at bonmente. “In-person appointments eliminate the temptation to check your notifications, allowing you to be fully present in your healing journey.” 

Our goal at bonmente is to connect patients in need with excellent, highly skilled mental health practitioners. All of the care we provide is convenient, consistent, and comprehensive. Whether it’s in-person or online, we have appointments available that lets you get down to the business of getting better from the start.

We have select in-person availability for a few bonmente providers. Reach out to our team today if you or someone you love would prefer an in- person appointment.