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Why is it so hard to sit still during a meeting yet so easy to zone out? You misplaced your car keys three times last week. Your desk is a mess. It’s hard to remember the last time you were ‘on time’ for something. Most days it feels like you just can’t get it together.

Sound familiar?

You aren’t a hot mess, rude, lazy, uninterested, or inconsiderate. Ignore these unfair labels and let’s talk about what actually might be going on; you might have ADHD. All of these occurrences could actually be symptoms of ADHD so don’t beat yourself up! You don’t deserve that because it’s not you; it’s your brain and you are not alone! An estimated 10 million adults have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Unfortunately, less than 20 percent of them have been properly diagnosed, which complicates things.

ADHD Is Not Just For Kids

ADHD is often thought of as a childhood disorder because it is more common in children. If you think about it, it’s much easier for the concerned teacher to write a note about the fidgety, restless child in her classroom than it is for your boss to recognize your struggles.

And guess what?

All of those fidgety, restless children grow into adults with jobs, careers, and relationships that can get complicated when the symptoms are left untreated. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that often goes unnoticed in adults yet can significantly impact all areas of life.

Symptoms of Untreated ADHD Include

  • restlessness or hyperactivity – demonstrated through talking or fidgeting excessively
  • impulsivity – acting without thinking of long-term consequences
  • inattention – difficulty staying focused
If you have ADHD, you may also:
  • misplace your things
  • lose your temper quickly
  • miss deadlines
  • struggle to follow instructions
  • feel scattered and struggle to stay organized
  • interrupt others who are talking

Awareness of the symptoms can help, but only to a certain extent. Those struggling to recognize ADHD signs can better understand whether they may have it by knowing some risks of untreated ADHD. Like other disorders, ADHD can manifest in various ways and spill over into all areas of your life. Here are a few risk factors of untreated ADHD worth mentioning…

Anxiety and Depression

Adults with ADHD are more likely to experience major psychological distress like severe anxiety and depression. Several things can ultimately trigger these feelings or lead to the development of these disorders. Low self-esteem, mood changes, and regular feelings of overwhelm can all play a part.

Difficulty Managing Stress

It’s easy for adults with ADHD to feel so overwhelmed about everything they must do that they resort to quitting to avoid the pressure. However, even those who are relatively organized or know where to start can still find it challenging to stick with the task because their minds may constantly wander.

Disorganization and Distraction

Adults with ADHD may find themselves working on various projects at once or procrastinating. Sometimes they inadvertently tune out important information, having trouble staying focused when communicating with others, such as their boss.


“Someone with ADHD may fail to meet deadlines because they are distracted by other things or lose track of time,” said Vides Apresto, a mental health nurse practitioner at bonmente. “If behaviors and symptoms go unaddressed, it can lead to serious consequences, including termination. That said, it is common for adults with ADHD to leave their workplace, as they may change jobs frequently due to their job dissatisfaction and overwhelming stress.”

Difficulty With Relationships

Because adults with ADHD tend to be easily distracted, it can also be hard to connect with others and maintain healthy relationships. Furthermore, spouses of individuals with ADHD typically feel more neglected and undervalued than spouses of those without the condition.

ADHD Screening at bonmente

We’re here to help get you some answers. ADHD is complicated – especially for adults! Getting the right diagnosis is important for getting the right treatment. Even though there is no definitive test for ADHD, with a thorough screening and professional consultation, bonmente’s qualified providers can help get you the correct diagnosis, so you can get the correct treatment.

Reach out to our Long Beach, CA-based psychiatry team today to book your $100 ADHD screening so you can step into the new year with clarity, focus, and a renewed wellness. 

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