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Caregiver Crash: Tips To Enjoy The Busy Summer

Summer brings with it a unique set of challenges for caregivers. Scheduling conflicts, transportation woes, and dealing with behavioral changes can all add to the challenges of juggling your own well-being while meeting the needs of those you care for making it essential to find ways to reduce stress in your life.

With weddings, parties, celebrations, work, and of course, the long-awaited school break, it’s like a chaotic game of Twister but without the fun colors and giggles. You might feel burnt out and overwhelmed with all these activities and youngsters vying for your attention. But you don’t have to let the summer rush leave you feeling as frazzled as your sun-damaged hair.

So grab a cool drink, and let’s dive in face-first, tackling caregiver crash with strategies to help you enjoy the summer while maintaining your sanity.

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Planning might not sound like the most exciting summer activity, but trust us, it’s a game-changer. Create a schedule that includes all the important events and tasks… and then DELEGATE responsibilities to family members or reliable friends who can lend a helping hand. Planning and sharing responsibility helps minimize surprises and reduces stress levels, allowing you to navigate the summer chaos more smoothly… and enjoy a bit of it yourself.


As caregivers, we tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own – and for some parents, that often looks like spending time with our kids as if they were our only friends. So in case you needed this reminder, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Socializing and connecting with others – particularly those who can offer advice and support, such as other caregivers – can work wonders for your mental health. The point is, you’re not a bad parent or caregiver if every event you participate in revolves around making those who depend on you happy. Instead, your sanity depends on also looking out for your happiness. 

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CareGIVERS, not careTAKERS, right? Well, if you don’t take time to refill your tank, it will go empty, and then no one will get anywhere. Allow yourself some downtime, and add it to the calendar if you have to. An evening walk with your fave podcast, 20 minutes of reading that trash book before bed, blasting the radio with the windows down and the AC on… whatever you love, whatever makes you feel invigorated, do it. For you and everyone around you.

“Self-care isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity,” said Claudette Banda, PMHNP. “Take time for yourself this summer, guilt-free. Do something that brings joy and relaxation. Practice mindfulness to stay in the moment and let go of stress. Engage in physical activities that get endorphins flowing.”


Let’s not overlook the incredible benefits of telepsychiatry for caregivers, especially during the busy summer months. Telepsychiatry offers convenience, accessibility, and flexibility. It’s like having a therapist in your pocket! Need support during your vacation travels? Having a meltdown that’s got nothing to do with the weather? No problem! Just hop on a video call and get the help you need. Telepsychiatry can be your secret weapon to manage any anxiety or stress that comes your way.

Bonmente is an excellent option for telepsychiaatry services, providing convenient and accessible mental health care at your fingertips.


Summer can be challenging for caregivers, but it doesn’t have to be a never-ending rollercoaster of exhaustion. By planning, connecting with others, prioritizing self-care, and utilizing telepsychiatry, you can enjoy the summer while maintaining your mental health and well-being. 

So go out there, embrace the vibrant colors and long sunny days, and create beautiful memories!

Mental Health Blog | Tips to Enjoy the Busy Summer

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